Monday, July 27, 2009

Next on the tour...

... my "office." And I use the term office fairly loosely. Its actually more of a corner of the living room. But I actually like that better than being closed off in a room by myself. Since I do a lot of my "work" here in the evenings, this way I can still watch TV and chat with Mr. Z while I'm working. And by "working" I mean editing photos, crafting, or now (apparently) working with all the foster dog files for the Humane Society of West Texas. It would seem that somehow I've managed to get myself appointed as the new "person in charge of knowing where our dogs are."

Its a giant L-shaped desk from IKEA and I LOVE it. The left hand side is for crafty type things and has my sewing machine and a big basket for works in progress, etc. The pictures above the sewing machine are actually just two really pretty pieces of scrapbook paper matted in some IKEA frames.

The right hand side is for photo stuff. The big pictures over the computer are two gorgeous canvases from In the middle is a smaller print from WHCC. Eventually I will have a desktop computer sitting there and the monitor will fill in the weird space between the two canvases, under the cat.

And behind the couch is a bookcase that doubles as a sofa table. Its full of craft books and baskets of yarn and other appropriate things to go in the space. Oh yeah, the bookcase is from... IKEA.

Hopefully this stylish space increases my productivity. If nothing else, at least it frees up the dining table for actual dining.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grown up furniture

Wow, its been a long time since I posted here. Yikes! Its been a busy couple months with graduation and work and traveling and dogs and blah blah blah.

But one of the most exciting things (yes, I've turned incredibly lame, I know) is that we finally got some real furniture! Nice, non-hand me down, living room furniture. And I LOVE it. You can also see Ken's paint job, as well as the picture arrangements we finally managed to hang.

the little dog butt belongs to Penny, the springer spaniel we are dog sitting

Behind the couch is my office/craft space that is still getting organized. I'll post a picture of that once its all neat and tidy. After that, we're painting the kitchen. And I have to say, after getting it all set up the way we like it, I actually quite like this house... except for the stupid laundry room set up. That, I will never understand.

Also, for family and friends, you can see my photos from Adam and Jessica's wedding here. Don't worry, I'll send an email.