Thursday, May 21, 2009

Foster parents

If you don't read the Nizhoni blog, or haven't checked it lately, you may not know that we are foster parents.

Isn't she precious?! There are more pictures on the dog blog. (Oh, and sister, notice the link to Nizhoni there on the right ---> That's just for you)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

in which i reupholster a chair.

kind of.

So a few months ago, my mom gave me this super cute little telephone chair that used to belong to my great aunt. Considering that I haven't had a land line in ages, its unlikely that it will ever function as an actual telephone station. But I still love it.

What I did not love was the nasty seat. The fabric was dingy and kind of gross looking, and it was practically worn through in places. So I decided to recover it in my spare time (which I seem to have a lot of suddenly).

Luckily it was not a complicated project. It consisted of lifting the seat off, pulling off both layers of nasty fabric and worn-out padding, then stapling more over it.

I used some sample decorator fabric from my grandma that I've had in my fabric chest for AGES. And now I love it even more! yay :) How cute is this chair??

Saturday, May 9, 2009

best hundred dollars...

... I have ever spent. Not even kidding.

I have a thing for swings, porch swings in particular. We always had one growing up and we all spent many an afternoon napping on the back porch, swaying gently. I would love to have a porch swing, but not having a porch makes that somewhat difficult.

Enter hangloose hammocks. I found these guys (or this couple, rather) at an art show in Tubac, AZ. He convinced me to sit down and put my feet up and it was love at first sight. After a lengthy discussion about my shoes (which may have been a scheme to keep me in the chair until I couldn't imagine not having one) I decided to pony up and buy one.

I think I see a second hammock in our future...