Tuesday, May 12, 2009

in which i reupholster a chair.

kind of.

So a few months ago, my mom gave me this super cute little telephone chair that used to belong to my great aunt. Considering that I haven't had a land line in ages, its unlikely that it will ever function as an actual telephone station. But I still love it.

What I did not love was the nasty seat. The fabric was dingy and kind of gross looking, and it was practically worn through in places. So I decided to recover it in my spare time (which I seem to have a lot of suddenly).

Luckily it was not a complicated project. It consisted of lifting the seat off, pulling off both layers of nasty fabric and worn-out padding, then stapling more over it.

I used some sample decorator fabric from my grandma that I've had in my fabric chest for AGES. And now I love it even more! yay :) How cute is this chair??

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Jenny said...

nice upholstery job! how is lubbock?