Sunday, March 8, 2009

A few more from the American southwest.

So despite eight weeks seeming like a relatively long time in theory, they actually go quite quickly. Particularly when one is having a good time. Not only are my eight weeks in Tucson, where I stayed with my parents and worked (albeit for free) at Walgreens, over; but so is my first week in Dallas.

Here are a few last shots from various outings in Arizona.

there are no shortages of cacti in the Tucson area. I can't say I will miss them...

yes, people actually ride their horses to the bar in Tombstone. however getting a shot without a lot of tourists in it is somewhat difficult.

ok, so this shot is actually from the last time is was in Arizona, but whatever.

and one last shot from New Mexico, from the eight weeks before Arizona.


Z said...

I love all the photos, but especially those cactus ones! amazing!!!

pakito said...

thats some good lookin horse butts :)

Anonymous said...

Horse Butts. Thank you for that. Very cute :) Love ya!