Wednesday, August 13, 2008

and they call the thing rodeo...

welcome to installment #2 of our fair adventures. this installment stars the dashing Mr. VanBavel and his charming wife Sonja. And me. Oh, and this guy.

that's right. i can now cross one more thing off my list of things to do before i die (or i can add something to the list, then immediately cross it off. but lets not split hairs, hmm?) last friday i had my first experience riding the mechanical bull. i was not the only one.

Jay clearly wins for having the most convincing facial expressions while riding.

Sonja managed to stay on the full time. I'm convinced this is because she's tiny and cute. The carnival worker that was running the bull would probably have felt like a jerk for throwing her off. He had no such qualms about me.

Though he let me stay on far longer than my bull riding skills warranted, he threw in one last vicious spin that i was unable to survive. He was actually fairly non-creepy considering that he was, in fact, a carnie (carny?). And he was quite good at gaging just how violently to maneuver the bull so that you had to work hard to stay on, but not so much that you flew off immediately.

p.s. i forgot to mention... for only spending maybe three minutes clinging to the back of that thing, i was sore for an awfully long time. you wouldn't believe how wobbly one is after dismounting.


Maura said...

Wow. Bravo for you to trying it! I've always wanted to but I don't think the chance will ever really arise.

maylily18 said...

i dunno...your facial expression is pretty wicked too... :)

anymommy said...

Ah, yeah, bull riding legs. I cowgirled up at Dee's bachlorette. My legs hurt for days. And our operator wasn't quite so kind, he liked the shimmy move for the boys down front. Fortunately, I got no shimmy, so it wasn't a problem for me! Awesome pictures, as usual.

Pegasaurus said...

that's what she said