Wednesday, August 20, 2008


praise jeebus, i'm finally done. if you've been reading this blog for a while, or if you've read back through my archives (or if you're my family who's heard me bitching "what was i thinking") you may know that last october i got the brilliant idea to knit a wrap for each of my bridesmaids.

i found a lovely fallish orange lace weight yarn (read: very fine yarn that requires billions of stitches to attain a size of any value) and picked out a pattern. roughly two months later, the first wrap was done. then i decided it would probably be a good idea to knit each wrap as a different pattern or i'd want to kill myself before i finished four identical knitted objects so wrap 2 and wrap 3 slowly but steadily came into existence.

wrap 4 was hard on me. i found a pattern i liked and i started it, no fewer than 6 times. it wasn't difficult really, i just made dumb mistakes, and it draaaaaagged on. i never even made it past the fifteenth row, i just couldn't do it and finally i gave up. (though i held on to the pattern,in the hopes that it would work better another time. it was pretty, after all.) while perusing a yarn shop in Asheville in June, i came across a gorgeous lace baby blanket pattern.

Eureka!! tweak the stitch count a bit, make it longer and it would be perfect for a wrap, i thought. i cast on that weekend and never looked back.

i have to be honest, i love the way this picture turned out.

I finished knitting it last night and was almost late for work this morning because i was blocking it. The pattern has points on the end, but i didn't pin them out so instead of points, i have sort of a wavy edge. The more pointed edges are pretty, but i thought something more subtle would blend better with the other wraps.

why hasn't anyone told me that when i tuck my hair behind my ears i look like an elf?? and not in the good "orlando bloom smokin' hot elf" kinda way.

its very difficult to take a picture of yourself, even with a tripod. especially if the battery in your remote shutter button is dead. and while the natural light in the bedroom was lovely, it wasn't very bright so the pictures turned out quite grainy. (have i mentioned that i heart my fisheye?? i want to marry it.)

this is just a closeup of the edge. the provisional cast on worked out nicely and i am quite pleased with the edging in the pattern. in spite of all my grumbling about being tired of knitting miles of orange lace, the results really are pretty. and i overestimated how much yarn i would need so i have plenty left. i may even make myself one in the future as they make lovely, soft scarves.


Ken said...

Hey now - you're not allowed to marry lenses, you're marrying me! I love you!

maylily18 said...

baby blanket, huh? :)

being an avid reader of your blog, all the wraps are gorgeous. good job!

Vixen said...

I am a newbie over at allmediocre and followed a link here. I just have to tell you those wraps are simply gorgeous. Another reason for me to force my crocheting fingers to learn to knit.

Maura said...

That's absolutely beautiful. I would love to see a picture of all 4 of them being worn, when the time comes. You are very talented, you elf you!

anymommy said...

I second Maura, I can't wait to see them all on the bridesmaids - beautiful work!

Marinka said...

You talented people make me sick! Ha! It's so beautiful, congratulations. And you do not look like an elf!