Friday, December 5, 2008

an arizona holiday

So the most of the clan, including mr. z and the pups, made it to Green Valley to spend Thanksgiving at ma and pa Z's new house. It was really nice to get to spend a few days with everyone (a few days that did NOT involve freaking out over wedding related activities). We mostly just hung around the house and vegged. There was no Black Friday shopping, which was a-ok with us... but there was a bit of driving around to check out the scenery, and to eat at Pinnacle Peak. yummy!

little bro and his gal

some sunset action... the more yellow one is probably more accurate coloring but i like the purplish one better

sister at a scenic pull off in the white mountains

All in all it was a lovely, relaxing weekend.

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maylily18 said...

ah,the z family... :) not used to calling them that, but it works.

i found a great photo op in sonoma for you. :) just remind me when you are out here. and of course, there is my large, huge mongous belly.

and rob is applying to med school, including u toledo. he has to write about a "cultural experience that was eye-opening for him." he was a bit stuck, as growing up in the bay area is one big cultural experience. we talked about using his trip to ohio...and inevitably, you can guess what came up. :)

miss you!