Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i knit...

...who knew??

i feel like its been forever since i had a knitting post. almost forever since i posted period, actually. honest, i just don't spend much time on the internet when i'm at sister's. i'd rather just hang out, but i have been knitting a bit here and there. the nice thing about knitting is that i can knit and carry on a conversation at the same time, thereby making it a preferred hobby when spending time with people.

when i was in lubbock in october, i found a lovely little yarn shop. it was quite the boost to my spirits and made texas seem more like a place i could actually live. while there, i signed up for the email list and bought this pretty skein of yarn. the only email i've ever recieved came yesterday... saying that the owner was closing down the shop. even sadder is the fact that i won't be in texas to take advantage of the sweet sale. boo.

Interlacement's Periwinkle Petite

but the yarn i bought was gorgeous and was the perfect amount for a long skinny scarf. i added a fringe and in the end used up all but about six inches. and once again, due to the lack of human models around when i finally get to photographing projects, nearby animals had to suffer the indignity of scarf-wearing.

pattern: multidirectional scarf

how can you not love that face??

Waffles the cat looking super pleased to be wrapped up in yarny goodness


anymommy said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you've had a great visit. I'm jealous, I'd love to be hanging out with my sisters for the holidays.

Jenny said...

Happy new year and yay for more knitting! I just cast on for a sweater, it'll be orange and knit all top-down. How was your holiday?

Maura said...

Happy New Year! Beautiful yarn, beautiful-er scarf. ;-) I'd say the animals were the lucky ones!