Thursday, January 15, 2009

another instant gratification project

that was anything but instant.

a few months ago, I posted a baby knitting project that I whipped up in a couple hours worth of knitting over a day or two. it was a project i knit for a friend who needed two of them for a gift. for whatever reason, the second one took FOREVER. i think i was just in a non-knitting phase and so was more or less completely unmotivated. plus, i thought i had tons of time to finish it but the babies came uber early, so no such luck. as it was I finished the second blanket several months after the babies were born. and then it took me almost as long to get around to blogging about it.

another hooded baby wrap from the website. knit in Vanna's Choice acrylic. like i said before, its an alright yarn and nice because its washable but i don't think i'd use it again. i'd rather use a nice cotton, me thinks.

i modified the pattern a bit because i didn't want to knit the hood part separate so instead i decreased down to three then back up for the hood part. then i just folded it over and seamed the sides. i did a row of yarn overs at the end to give the hood some interest.

and then i made some attempts at artistic shots. whatever.
i bought yarn for three more projects that arrived a few days ago. i'm itching to get started on something, so it looks like the knitting bug is back. maybe its the lovely weather here in arizona :)

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