Sunday, January 25, 2009

a croqueted baby orphan

also known as a crocheted baby afghan... or a knit one in this case.

apparently at some point in the far distant past of the z family, my parents were driving somewhere and had my older sister in the car. at the time, she must have been quite young and her reading skills were somewhat less developed than they are now. they passed a sign in someone's front yard that said "crocheted baby afghans" which must have baffled my sister because she asked my mom why anyone would want to croquet baby orphans.

its become a bit of a joke in the z family that pops up every so often when someone mentions baby blankets. just in case you wanted some insight into the randomness that makes up the z life. if not, don't worry, the pictures are up next.

pattern: Baby's First Blankie from
yarn: Queensland Collection Softwave in Cream (cotton)

modifications: yarn was much thinner gauge so knit on size 5 needles and doubled all stitch counts

i actually finished this blanket back in November over the Thanksgiving weekend but since it was made as a gift, i couldn't post it until after a baby shower for its intended recipient. The baby shower was last weekend and it was a really good time. and i heard today that the baby Lahman might be on his way a little early...

i thought the yarn made for a very nice blanket. It soft, but not too heavy; and its washable... which is probably a good thing for new babies. the white might not have been the best choice for an infant, but i didn't know if it was a boy or a girl at the time. and the white seemed so clean and fresh. hopefully baby lahman likes it!

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