Friday, January 16, 2009

pet photographer extraordinaire

(is that word or did i just make that up??) so it seems like forever ago, even if it was only two posts back, that i posted some pictures of what was (at the time) the cutest hound puppy ever. but a few weeks after dozier's arrival, i was proven wrong. THIS is the cutest hound puppy ever.

apparently you can't hunt with just one hound dog.... you need two. i don't know about all that, but who am i to judge. if i wasn't heading off to live with my parents, i probably would have ended up with a hound puppy of my own. i mean, how can you say no to this face??

they named her gypsy. she was so sleepy the first few days. and she would eat too much and then get this huge distended belly. we were afraid her little tummy was going to pop!

but after a few days she was just as rambunctious as dozier, and a whole lot louder. and she loved the big floppy duck as much as he did.

too bad there's not much of a market for natural light pet photography. i'm much better with dogs than i am with people! (edited later to add: according to google, there are actually photographers who do this for a living!! might be worth some thought...)


Marinka said...

OMG, he is adorabalicious! I read that when they play with toys like that, they are trying to kill them--break their neck. Which makes it even more adorable!

Maura said...

Love the pictures! What a face. So sweet. I think Marinka kind of nailed it with "adorabalicious" even thought it kind of pained me to type that out...

I do loves me some puppy pictures. Have you seen the book Snog? Nothing but pictures of adorable puppies, up close and gorgeous.

Z said...

sooooo cute!!!

Julie said...

I think there is a market for pet photography. Just think, you could be so upscale, people had to come to you. If those puppy pics don't sell it, I don't know what would.