Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a little culture

took a drive through some beautiful but desolate landscapes today to visit the San Xavier mission on the Tohono O'odham reservation. its difficult to capture how pretty the mission is, because its hard to get it all into the frame, and there are lots of people wandering around getting in the way. but it really is pretty sweet, and the history behind it is really interesting as well.

the blurriness is part of the lensbaby charm

other than the fact that its beautiful, my only other observation is that putting a bright white building in the blinding desert sun is a surefire way to blind yourself. i'm just saying.

equally mesmerizing, but in a somewhat different way, is the indian cemetery just down the road. at first i didn't think they had headstones, but they do. they are just disguised by the jungle of white crosses. its kind of like a silk flower factory exploded in arlington cemetery... without the grass. these people take their cemeteries seriously.

this little guy was hanging around outside the mission. i just thought he was a cutie.


Z said...

Such great pictures!!! Love them!

pakito said...

fantastic pics!