Sunday, February 15, 2009


let me preface this by saying that i am totally NOT into cars. i know nothing about engines or makes and models or whatever else it is that people talk about when they talk about cars. but i don't mind spending an afternoon wandering around a classic car show because it means spending a little quality time with my dad, and also because i happen to like shiny things. and these people LOVE to shine their cars.

my favorite part of car shows is all the shiny chrome details; this also applies to photographing large motorcycle gatherings. in cars, i am particularly drawn to old school hood ornaments and script writing. the shiny-ness is mesmerizing, plus sometimes the reflections make for neat pictures as well. and for car shows there is the added bonus of getting to make fun of how ugly cars from the 70's and 80's were.

ok seriously?? this car is salmon pink and black... the only sweeter color combination in a car like this is turquoise and white, and its a close second. i want this car.

some fun reflections PLUS script details... double bonus.

i said i liked hood ornaments, but i never said they weren't a little bit creepy sometimes.

this one is a head too, but without facial features. its a little difficult to make out through the blur though.

so i'm wondering, did this weird thing with putting heads (with or without actual faces) on the hood ornaments stem from the women on the front of ships or something? because there seemed to be a lot of humanistic hood ornaments. there was also a sweet one that was supposed to look like an airplane but the picture didn't really turn out.

this was my first real chance to experiment with the lensbaby that mr. z got me for christmas and its a lot of fun. (these were actually taken before the ones at st. xavier) the crazy blurred look probably isn't for everyone but i think it works well for some pictures.