Thursday, December 20, 2007

the future Mr. and Mrs. Z

there has been much crafting in the z household recently, mostly wedding related. the second bridesmaid wrap is almost a foot long, the corn sacs are completed, and the card chest is stained, lined, and looking pretty sweet. i have pictures to share but will save those for later, mainly because the cord to hook my camera up to my computer is alllllllll the way upstairs.

so instead i will share some photos that i did not take, but am thrilled with nonetheless. we finally got the engagement photos a couple weeks ago and i just now got them uploaded. i can't say enough good things about our photographer, Kristina. she's tiny, she's crazy, and she's really good!

i think this one is my favorite. it was originally black and white, but i have a thing for sepia so i dusted off the ol' photoshop and colored it.

this is the one we've sent out to family and the newspaper announcements. not as artistic as some of the others, but she managed to get a picture where neither of us looks retarded so we're happy.

and another favorite, though my mom "doesn't understand why that circle thing is there." i tried to explain lens flare but i don't think she got it. the rest of the good ones are here.

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orcababy18 said...

how cute are you guys?! great pictures. rather than leaving several random comments throughout this journal, i am going to leave one giant "super comment." it bodes better.

so in addition to my thoughts on your pictures (fantabulous), do i understand correctly in that you are going to the osu game in new orleans?! if that is true...rock on! i loved new orleans. mostly the food... :) oh, and in case my husband should ever read this (highly unlikely, but covering my bases...): GO BUCKEYES.

love the wedding crafts! your creativity is amazing. true story. can you try to rub off on me when you are living with me for a month? do you need me to come to ohio again to help with anything? (fingers crossed!). it would not be unreasonable for you to demand me to come out there to help...:) just a thought.

ummm.....i think that is all. i can't remember exactly what you wrote about anymore because i am suped up on cold medications due to my excursions in ohio. damn cold. and damn me getting freakin lost! whatevs.

miss you! love you!