Saturday, December 22, 2007

wedding crafting

this christmas break has actually been fairly productive in terms of craftiness. i've managed to knock out a few of the wedding crafts that have been on my to do list. not that there was any huge rush, the planning is coming along well and we have more than ten months yet. but i am sure as the time draws nearer, i will be more thankful for everything i got done in advance. here is some of what i have done so far.

isn't this the cutest little detail?? i love it.

this is the chest for holding cards at the reception. we were going to try to find a way to get a slot in the top to drop them in, but i felt like that would ruin it. this was 20$ for the unfinished trunk at JoAnns. the rest was pretty much a scavenger project. i used some stain and polyurethane i had sitting around from another old project. the lining and ribbon were just some random stuff my grandma and mom had given me but i think it worked out perfectly. the fabric even has a leaf pattern on it, which is fitting for the 'theme.'

these are the corn sacs. they are going to be part of the bridesmaids' gift baskets. if you have never used a corn sac, they are the most wonderful heating pads ever. just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and they stay warm forever. these are really pretty brown flannel with an orange paisley pattern that seems perfectly fallish. i kind of wish i had enough fabric to make one for myself. they are approximately 8 inches square and i just poured the corn in until they felt about right.

i also started yet another knitting project. inspired by dr. d's koolhaas hat, i have started one for my own mr. z. i found some Reynold's Whiskey at the Yarn Shop and i'm using that held double. at the point i have just finished the ribbing around the bottom. i figure i can probably finish it on the drive home to ny tomorrow and then get back to work on the wrap and pinwheel sweater.

and on a completely unrelated note, i had quite a good run yesterday. i managed to go for about 43 minutes and felt good the whole time. mr. z is trying to encourage me back into my running routine by promising a leg massage if i run today. maybe this afternoon. but first i have an outing with ashley to check out Wholly Craft, which sounds far more entertaining than running. supposedly its like an etsy store... but in a real store. should be fun.

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Ilix said...

I saw your post on Craftster about your crafting for the wedding! I love the shawls! That was my plan also.... I have three to make too. Congrats on your progress, I hope I can have that much sucess!