Friday, July 18, 2008

Crafty bags

I still have a back log of stuff that I want to post about, but considering I have spent more time in one pharmacy or another than I have at home this week, finding time to blog has been difficult. My loooong week was brightened today, however, when a very sweet gentlemen attempted to set me up with his friend. This friend, who was sitting in the passenger seat (gotta love a pharmacy with a drive-thru...) seemed a bit mortified, but its the thought that counts. right??

Coming up in the near future are some crafting projects complete with instructions, possibly some wedding goodies, and another photo post. I'm sure you all can hardly wait. Until the next photography post, you may want to check out another beginner tutorial I stumbled onto yesterday. You can find it here and though she's only a few posts in, its pretty good. She gives out homework assignments, so its more involved; but I imagine that probably helps a lot with the learning process.

Anyway, this post involves the mystery project from a few weeks ago, and the fabric goodies i got in the mail several months ago. And, now that both of my Pay it Forward recipients have received their gifts, I can blog about them.

This is the Charlie pattern from Burda Style. Its a free downloadable pattern and its so easy to make, its ridiculous! Each one took me maybe an hour... well, minus the all the ripping I had to do on the first one because I got a little gung-ho and accidentally stitched my bag shut. But, I mean, besides that its great.

The yellow one turned out to be my favorite one of all. The fabrics worked perfectly together. Along with a set of notecards, it went to live happily ever after at Jenny's house.

This one went to live in Minnesota at Nuttnbunny's house. FedEx tells me it was delivered but I haven't heard from her. I really hope she likes it (and the notecards). The red looks neon in this picture but it wasn't really that bright... I don't think anyway.

And this one stayed with me. I've developed a fondness for these types of patterns, and since I can't seem to pass up anything green it only seemed natural that I keep this one. It makes a fantastic knitting tote.


jen said...

awesome bags...
i might have to go and visit the mn's adorable...but i'm not sure it's owner would approve.

um...did you realize that you commented on a picture on my site?? and said it was cute?? did you forget?? i'm supposed to do that on your site...not vice versa. you're the photo wiz.

Julie said...

Dangit. When I read, "this one went to live in Minnesota..." I was hoping you sent one to me. Haha.

Fabulous bags, maybe you should give up pharmacy stuff and create your own TV show; Make Fantastic Crafts and Photographic Them Well too!

Z said...

THOSE ARE ADORABLE!!! And as soon as I get my new sewing machine (which actually means, as soon as I choose one and purchase), I am soooooo making a few myself :)

Jenny said...

thank you!! i have been enjoying the yellow bag so much that it's looking a bit abused...or well-loved, that is. I'm working on yours, don't worry!

Anonymous said...

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