Saturday, July 12, 2008

exciting news

well actually, this probably isn't exciting to anyone but me. but i'm excited enough for all of you. Mr. Z miraculously located the missing disc of photographs that I was lamenting about a couple months back. Yippee!! Now I once again have copies of all the pictures from back in the days of more lenses than I knew what to do with.

It did mean that I was reminded of how much I missed that equipment... and I may have ended up spending a good portion of my evening on trying to see if there was a way I could afford just one more lens (there's not) But more importantly, I was able to edit one of my most favoritest pictures ever!!!

And now Novocaine is spelled right. That's right... I pulled it down when I posted it once before because I really looked at it for the first time in years and realized that I had indeed spelled Novocaine wrong. (Cut me some slack... it was before I started pharmacy school)

In other exciting news, Mr. Z and I registered at Tar-shay (the fancy french boutique) today. It was pretty fun. Like shopping but without spending any money. You just get to run around and shoot things with the little scanner gun. They give you a checklist too, to help you make sure you don't forget anything, which was mildly helpful. A lot of the smaller appliances and stuff we have from the last few Christmases and such, but we managed to find plenty to put on there.

I'm not really sure of proper registry etiquette though... we tried to stay away from stuff that was too expensive. I mean I don't want my guests to be all like "who's going to spend that much on those two?!?" But the checklist has some crazy shit on there. Like a dining room table. Do people really register for dining room tables??

Actually the checklist has "fondue set" on there too. The food network tells me those are making a comeback. We did not register for one... yet.


Julie said...

Hey, I remember those pictures! Glad you found them again.

We did the Target registry thing too. If you can peacefully work out who gets to zap the bar codes, then you'll do well together. One of my friends registered for duct tape and Mountain Dew.

jen said...

we registered for a bedroom set.
a bedroom set.
(and claimed since we lived out of state...that it would be really easy to get gift cards - and told that to the talkative relatives...)

so we ended up with enough in gift cards to buy the whole bedroom set! worked for me!

anymommy said...

I love tar-gey. But, I have to say that I think making fondue is kind of a pain. Maybe it would be easier with the actual pot?

maylily18 said...

yay! registering is fun! i will check it out online. are you gonna register anywhere else?

is the "attack of the killer pigeons" photo series on this disc?

i can't wait to register for baby lahman.

Jenny said...

Ooh, the registry. Lots of fun. Um, I rooted around all morning and couldn't find the labels, sorry! I thought I knew where they were. Anyhow, wondering if you are working Thurs night cuz we want to have everyone over for some grilly grilly.