Thursday, September 25, 2008

fun with templates

because i spend a lot of time on the internet at my current rotation, i've been adding a lot of photography blogs to my google reader. sometimes i think i'd really like to get into doing some photography just on the side for fun, but other times i'm just so awed by some of the awesome work out there i wonder if its even worth bothering. after all, there are some really amazing photogs out there and its pretty intimidating.

but, while i was out stumbling around, i did find a few free photo templates to mess around with. this one is actually a little more cutesy than is really my style but its still nice. i guess i am just not into the color block sort of look, though it does work nicely with kids pictures. i really do think it would be a lot of fun to shoot little ones. (in the photography sense... not actually shoot them)

i just thought it was the perfect template for all these pictures of Halle making her model faces. That same photographer also had a border set, which i really like. i love the messy border look but am way too unphotoshop savy to figure out how to do it myself. i think the next picture would look awesome printed on the metallic paper that WHCC (the printing company i use) has.

anybody recognize that font??

both the collage template and the border set were some freebies from this gal here. she also has a lot of nice templates for sale as well. other favorite template providers are Swiss Miss Haus and NicoleV. maybe someday if i ever actually take pictures, i will have a reason to buy one of their gorgeous sets. even if its just to use for my own personal christmas cards.

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