Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the shoe.

it would appear that i have a knack for finding people who really want to go to an osu football game and then inviting their spouse instead when i have an extra ticket. last year it was sara, who spent the game sending picture messages to her husband to rub in the fact that she was there and he wasn't. a move i found delightfully entertaining. this year i invited jenny, apparently only days after her husband expressed his desire to attend a game. luckily this is my last fall in Cbus, so my days of wreaking football induced marital havoc are nearly at an end.

if you've never been here, let me warn you. we take our football very seriously here in Cbus, though we've calmed down in recent years. I mean, there hasn't been a good car-burning riot since what? 2002? Anyway, about the football. This here is home to the Ohio State Buckeyes...

i think its technically called Ohio Stadium. No one calls it that. We call it "The Shoe" which is shortened from the horseshoe, which is the shape of the stadium. The shoe seats roughly 105,000 fans. 100,000 people in red shirts makes for a pretty impressive sight. As does 100,000 people systematically spelling a four letter word repeatedly. (O-H-I-O... what did you think we were going to spell??)

that hat on the right there is a buckeye. i would like to emphasize that is not a marijuana leaf on the back.

We also seem to have a thing for ridiculous hats. these were the only two in the nearby vicinity. all I have to say is sweaty heads... ew.

The weather was actually spectacular, though a bit toasty when the sun was in full force.

I think this was maybe during a portion of the game when we were trailing. Her dad was cheering for the other team, but luckily mom seems to have the prevailing influence.


Z said...

That little girl is too precious!!!

maylily18 said...

ah memories :) is it my fault that none of ben's friends went to osu? no. therefore, i do not feel bad in the slightest. plus, i gave him my souvenier towel and cup. that was pretty nice of me.

remember that wonderful drunk man that kept knocking into you?

anymommy said...

Go Buckeyes. I've got another very jealous husband here! Of course, he's jealous that anyone ever gets to go to OSU games. And, you should here them when they aren't on TV out here in Cougarland!! Great pictures, brings back wonderful memories.

PS - I like the plain wheat too!

Anonymous said...


sheasy said...

Great pics! This looks like so much fun. I have never been to a college football game before.