Tuesday, February 26, 2008

his and hers hats

finally! some crafting pictures to update with. i was doing so well over christmas break and into the start of the quarter but i really hit a wall. and by wall i mean two rounds of midterms with a week of the flu crammed in between. our apartment is pretty much a disaster. the laundry is piled up, there are papers and crap all over the coffee and dining room tables, and i just finally swept the floor today. its like i got so far behind that now i can't figure out where to start. even all the wedding stuff that has arrived is just piled in the corner of the dining room.

i'll start with the knitting... i finally finished mr. z's koolhaas hat and he seems to be pleased with it. i held the yarn double and went down to size 5 and 6 needles to make the size work. this is a really easy pattern and it looks much more complex than it is to knit. however, if you are planning on knitting it, learn the cabling without a needle technique. just my two cents.

Pattern: Koolhaas hat by Jared Flood (IK Holiday 2007)
Yarn: Reynold's Whiskey (held double) in 504
Needles: Size 5 circs for the ribbing and size 6 for the hat

then i decided that i needed one too. and i'd seen so many beautiful versions on ravelry knit with malabrigo's worsted, that i thought i should check out the yarn. i found a lovely little shop called ewe-phoria that sold it and got a skein of a lovely mottled yellow called pollen. it reminds me more of buttered popcorn. its so soft and lovely. i'm glad i ventured out of my usual color choices and went with the yellow. its knitting up beautifully.

in terms of wedding stuff, i think i have most of the decoration stuff decided on and ordered. we have gossamer in brown and cream for swagging, tissue paper in fall-ish colors for pom-pom decorations and some beautiful wired ribbon for pew bows and other decor-y arrangements. perhaps i will try to get some pictures of all the colors and such tomorrow. oh! and mr. z printed out the invitations so i'm trying to do the leaf punch on all the corners without ruining them all.

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Jenny said...

oh, the malabrigo is so pretty and spring-y! i can't believe how busy you've been, no wonder i haven't seen much of you. glad to hear you're feeling better. so what are we doing saturday?!