Friday, February 8, 2008

sigh of relief

*ah* as of 7pm this evening, one of the biggest stressors in my life as of late is over. i was foolishly talked into participating in a competition at school last november and tonight was the presentation. i primarily agreed to take part because it counted for the last two hours of elective credit that i needed. had i known what a clusterfuck it was going to be, i would have run screaming into the night. however, my team presented tonight and we actually did pretty well. still keeping my fingers crossed that we don't win, but at least i don't think we looked like idiots. so this weekend is being devoted to destressing... i'm going to park my ass in front of the tv tonight and knit my heart out.

on a wedding note, my jewelry arrived in the mail today from etsy's opheliax. i can't begin to describe how fantastic this jeweler has been. she made me a custom necklace to match a pair of earrings in her shop. and she had a bracelet in her shop that i bought on impulse when i was getting the necklace and earrings. they are sparkly and beautiful and absolutely perfect. i now have all the components of my outfit for the big day. dress... check. undergarments... check. shoes, jewelry, veil... check, check and check. i busted everything out today and put it on and it looks fabulous. i've recolored my hair so its pretty dark again and everything just came together and looked awesome (i think). i even did a test hair do that i'm pretty happy with and i think is how i will do mine, maybe with some curls. i'm super pumped. only eight more months! ;)

no knitting pictures or wedding shots today so i'll leave you with this one of kodiak. because i think he's too cute for words.

he likes to look out the window.

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