Friday, February 29, 2008

wedding goodies

mr. z printed the invitations a couple days ago and i've got the corners punched on about half of them. i realized partway through that since had turned the punch over to make sure the corners were lined up that i should be turning the paper the other way so that it was still punching front to back to keep the edges nice. whoops. its not really a huge deal, and probably not something anyone will even notice... but i probably should have noticed it sooner. regardless, i am super excited about how they look.

the specifics... chocolate brown cardstock with metallic bronze and cream colored cardstocks all purchased from a local paper shop. the corners were cut with a fiskars corner punch. the text was designed in photoshop and is pretty basic, and the gold leaves are stickers from martha stewart's website. i love them.

the rsvp's are postcard style and are the same cream cardstock as the invitations. they are kind of plain and i'm not absolutely thrilled with them but i'm happy. i just wish we'd been able to put a little color on them. but no biggie.

aren't they all lovely? punching the corners and gluing will probably get old after a hundred of them. but for designing them ourselves and putting them together, i think we did a darn good job.


Jenny said...

wow, very professional! maybe you should go into the invitation business...

Jenny said...

let me know if you want some help with the invites!