Friday, February 29, 2008

new hat model

before we get to the hat pictures, i just want to say that i've never wanted to knit a snail before but now i do. i just love to see what the girls over at knit up and this is just too cute. i know its not their pattern, but they always make such perfect yarn and color choices. they make me want to knit toys.

i finished my koolhaas and i love it. in fact, i'm wearing it now. yes, i've been home from work for hours and have changed into my pj's but still haven't taken my hat off. this is the softest, squishy-est yarn ever. i LOVE it. and the yellow makes me happy. (seriously, what kind of person says yellow makes them want to vomit. sheesh)

but unfortunately there was no one around this morning to help me take pictures so i was forced to resort to nizhoni. as you can see, she was really pleased to help...

pattern: koolhaas hat by Jared Flood (IK Holiday 2007)
yarn: malabrigo worsted in pollen
mods: went down to size 5 and size 6 circs, ribbing done with twisted stiches

i will say, it fits me far better than it fits her. its just a shade longer than it probably needs to be and i didn't "block" it (in so much as you block a hat). i may do the same as i did with kens and wash it then dry it briefly to see if i can shrink it up just a bit. makes me nervous though because i will probably get distracted and forget i left it in the dryer and end up with a tiny tiny hat. i don't know how people knit this hat on size 8's without ending up with gi-normous hats.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't check in, in awhile and you've basically knitted a new wardrobe. And are planning a wedding. Amazing!

BTW - this isn't you is it?