Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PIF dilemma

i think that i have had three people sign up for my PIF. two of them are the same that signed up on knittycrafty's blog, and one's comment is sort of ambiguous, but i'm pretty sure the list stands as:

1. knittycrafty
2. lorah
3. nuttnbunny

since other people are signing up for more than one blog, i'm tempted to do so. after all, you can never have too many handmade goodies. i know there are folks in the ravelry group that still have openings, but that feels kind of greedy. so on the off chance that there are more visitors to my lonely corner that want to join in, i'll take more than three people to PIF to. (that makes it ok to sign up to get more pressies... right?)

in other news, the wedding "construction" continues unabated, if somewhat lower in intensity than before. at this point, the invitations are about half put together and the programs are designed, though not printed. we still have one more song to decide on, then they can be printed and i can figure out how to embellish them. exciting, the flower fabrics have been received in NJ and the ribbon for pew bows made it to New Mexico. all that remains of those is to wait for the finished products to make it back here, and i can't wait to see how the roses look when the mysterious therussian is done with them.

the pattern for the third wrap has been selected and i'm three repeats in, which equates to about five inches or so. the stitch pattern is finally starting to reveal itself and its quite pretty i think. its more complex than the other patterns and the repeat is a lot longer so its going more quickly.

pattern: Michaela by Berroco yarns
yarn: KP shadow in campfire heather... again

the color is a bit off, but its the same as the rest of the wraps. like the others, it will be more or less rectangular, but the stitch count varies from row to row so the sides will be sort of wavy.

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Jenny said...

i know what you mean, i am really tempted to sign up for another PIF list. i'm more worried that i won't have enough people to sign up! maybe you can be my other PIF??