Saturday, March 8, 2008

It takes a village...

... to dislodge a COTA bus stuck in the snow. and even then sometimes you have to admit defeat.

the sad thing is, it was sitting at the light as we walked up and there was a pile of snow in front of it from where the tow truck had clearly gone down the cross street, and i even thought "gee that doesn't look good." sure enough, he made it about six inches into the intersection before his ass end slid sideways and he got good and stuck. there were a surprising number of people out walking around considering the sad state of the sidewalk, and everyone made a valiant effort but in the end i'm pretty sure we only made things worse.

the snow is still falling and its really pretty out. considering the amount of snow on my car though, i'm really glad that i don't have to go anywhere today.

on an unrelated note, i'm pleased to say that i finished the second bridesmaid wrap. i am now officially half done with knitting the wraps. i'm less pleased to report that, since i was blocking the wrap, i thought i would go ahead and try blocking my koolhaas. i keep reading how much the malabrigo blooms when its blocked and the blocking always helps to even out the stitches so i figured what the hell. now i remember why i never bother to block hats. if you keep up with the half-assed knitting blog, you may have seen the hatboob that ate her head. that's pretty much what happened, only unlike her I decided against chronicling my loss with a photo.

she seems like a far more accomplished knitter than i though, so that made me feel better about my rather novice boo-boo. some time in the dryer may have saved me the need to reknit it, but the ribbing has lost a bit of its stretch. once it dries we will see if its still wearable. for what its worth, the cabling does stand out quite nicely now.


Jenny said...

Poor hat! Did the dryer help?
We saw a stuck bus too, but it was pretty embedded in the snowbank. You got some good pictures!

Jenny said...

Yippee for handmade gifts! I'm so excited! I'll do PIF on my blog too. Do you have to have a blog to participate?