Wednesday, March 19, 2008

something derelict

that's pronounced "dere-leekt" for those that haven't seen zoolander. and it refers to Mugatu's fashion line inspired by the homeless (again for the zoolander naive). why do i bring this up? because i think this clutch would fit perfectly in the derelict line.

this little beauty was handcrafted by the one and only jen. (jen don't be mad that i posted this... i only did it because i love you. and the clutch!)

jen was technically my sisters friend until i moved to new mexico for the summer and they adopted me. so now she's my friend too, and she's bloody f-ing hilarious. to explain the ridiculousness of the clutch, she was a bit intoxicated when she made it. (in the true spirit of gallup) the stuff around the button is actually a massive quantity of hot glue, according to my sister who sent me the picture text. i don't think i've laughed that hard since i was actually in new mexico.

but i'm sharing this delightful little bit of handcraftiness because i can actually see a lot of potential in this purse. just think how fabulous it could be in a version constructed while not under the influence! or at least slightly less influenced, if you will. i think i hear etsy calling your name girl...

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