Tuesday, March 4, 2008

something new...

i know certain people have been waiting to see the wedding jewelry i got from etsy's opheliax. based on the earrings, which were already in her shop, and another necklace that i really liked but that was the wrong color, she came up with the necklace. its perfect. the bracelet was also in her shop and is the same color crystals as the other pieces so i bought it on a whim, thinking that some wrist bling would be nice. they are gold with swarovski crystals in a color called "golden shadow." She also added some pearls to the necklace to add interest and make it a little more substantial.

You can click on the picture to see a larger image

they are really tiny and delicate, far more so than i expected from the pictures. but even being smaller than i thought, they are just the right size. the pictures really don't do justice to how much they sparkle though. they are clearly faceted in the pictures, but when you get some sunlight hitting these babies, they look amazing.

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orcababy18 said...

wahoo! finally! :) very pretty.