Wednesday, October 29, 2008

baby stalking

the day after my bridal shower/bachelorette party i managed to haul myself out of bed and halfway to Cincinnati for the renaissance festival. it was, to say the least, an interesting experience. While watching a sword-fighting show, pegasaurus and i were seated behind an adorable baby. so i practiced my baby stalking skills.

is she not the cutest thing?? even her little crocheted hat is cute.

and just to avoid any confusion or potential alarm (amongst my ten readers)... baby stalking is mr. z's affectionate term used to refer my propensity for getting really excited about taking pictures of babies. I don't REALLY stalk babies... much.


maylily18 said...

it;s mom really does baby stalking. :) that hat is adorable! do you think it would look stupid on a boy?

Z said...

Oh those pictures are sooooo adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

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