Saturday, October 25, 2008

Texas Tech

Yesterday I went onto campus with mr. z in search of a notary for some of the name change paperwork. Afterwards we wandered around Texas Tech, enjoying the sunny day and the lovely architecture. (Almost) all of the buildings are a beautiful spanish colonial style, with gorgeous tile roofs and ornate details. There is an unfortunate math building designed to resemble a calculator... a tragic carryover from the 80's I assume.

the lanterns along the ceiling are fantastic

but the campus totally redeems itself solely on the basis of this sweet arched walkway along the side of the chemistry building. it is spectacular in every sense of the word. it is difficult to capture just how awesome it is.

a little cross-processing treatment

i can totally picture engagement or wedding photos here. at least, i can picture them in my head. even if i did have models, i'm not sure i have the technical ability to do them proper justice.

a more vintage treatment

there is also this other sweet building, with a rocking staircase that would also make for some sweet portraits. i had to use the fisheye to get the whole staircase in, which is further proof that i need that 24-70. the distortion wouldn't work so well for portraits.

talk about an amazing blue sky!

there are several other spots on campus that would make for some fantastic portrait shots as well. lots of archways and stairs and quaint details.

they also have some cool sculptures scattered around campus, many of which seem to have books as a theme.

this was a life size "man" made of books. there were also giant marble books scattered around a fountain, and a wacky sculpture of tiny characters climbing all over a mountain of notable titles.

Ohio State is a beautiful campus, don't get me wrong. There are lots of very pretty nooks and crannies scattered around (i LOVE the secret labyrinth garden) and some stunning architecture there as well. But Tech seems to have a more cohesive building appearance (aside from one or two wacky structures) and I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty it was.


Z said...

Wow! Beautiful!!!

Sam said...

where is the secret labyrinth garden?

John said...
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