Monday, October 27, 2008


once again, we will take a break from my own mediocre photography and pointless rambling to indulge in more stolen wedding photos. this time from a friend who just happens to be married to our officiant. while everyone else was taking pictures of the decorations and other pretty things, she was capturing the pure ridiculousness that the night deteriorated into.

she did also capture some good ones from throughout the day, so without further ado... our wedding day, more or less. (a few of these are from other friends as well)

we got married.

we ate.

we danced.

we posed for photos.

maybe the absurdity started around this point.
we smoked cigars.

my mom is probably wondering who the hell that spanish guy is.

and from there on out, it just got absurd.

the shrug was perfect... until i lifted my arms. then, not so much

there are probably a lot of similar pictures floating around out there with more of our male guests.
and i have no idea who's hand that is.

As Tracy pointed out, there are no pictures of Mr. Z taking part in the craziness. Perhaps he was out with the guys fixing the generator. Or perhaps he was talking to the guests... which I probably should have been doing, instead of leading the locomotion, but whatever.


anymommy said...

Ah, finally. You look stunning, wish I could have been there to gaze at you in awe in person - and for that crazy party!

maylily18 said...

your wedding is the one time you are garunteed the front of the locomotion train. no one butts in front of a bride. no one that wants to live anyway....

never feel sorry for that! :) one of the best moments ever!