Saturday, April 19, 2008

drinky drinky

neither of us had anything particularly pressing to get done yesterday, so we decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and go out and do something. mr. z had stopped in at a wine shop in Grandview a while back and found out that they had occasional wine tastings. So after dinner at a pub down the street, we walked down to the Twisted Vine to check it out.

it was an interesting experience to say the least. there were a couple people there when we got there having one of those intellectual conversations where they spout crap without fact to back it up. this one centered mainly on how we are being destroyed by the pharmaceuticals in the water these days, though no one had a response when i asked if they'd heard specific numbers. all the articles i've read contain vague mentions of parts per billion and parts per trillion... which are practically negligible, especially when compared to other pollutants in the water. but whatever.

there was a very friendly, very chatty woman doing the pours and i must say, it was an enjoyable tasting. we only really cared for one of the six wines (and the delicious port wine cheese ball) but somehow we ended up bringing how an assortment of six different wines anyway. i thought about blogging them, but think I will document them as we drink them.

Hunt Country
Fingerlakes region of New York
Vidal Blanc Ice Wine

this is actually not one of last night's wines, though we did crack it open and drink it last night after the Hispanic performance that followed the wine tasting. this is a dessert wine from one of the NY wineries we stopped at on our annual Christmas eve wine tour. We also had their ruby port, which we've already consumed, that i preferred to the ice wine. But then, i do have a thing for port. Must say though, its a mighty tasty ice wine. if you like ice wines, i'd recommend trying it.


Jenny said...

Ooh, those fake intellectuals annoy the heck out of me, spouting BS and trying to act like they're all informed and worldly. For me its germ phobia and fallacies about mental illness that make me want to wring their necks!

Anonymous said...

so the drugs in the water thing...i attended a safe medicine disposal symposium (it was more like a conference, but that word makes me sound so much more important...), and there were some scientists that gave presentation on the prescription drugs in creeks and rivers. if i remember correctly one gave information on the quantity needed to affect the reproductive cycle of salmon. it was pretty low, but still tested higher than was actually in the water. i believe it was more of a scare tactic to alert people. you know the californians...more concerned about the environment and animals than the people. i have actual info on it at my office if you so desire me to send you any. :)

aaahhhh wine. we shall do some wine tasting when you make it out to sonoma valley. the latest wine i am in love with is entitled "seduction" and appropriately is like sex in a bottle. it is from o'brien vineyards in napa. and i actually had it in columbus. i believe it is a syrah...but can't remember for sure.

Jenny said...

our instructor is Kristi Kloss. great idea to look around on etsy for inspiration - I find it a little overwhelming, but may attempt it before our class starts.