Thursday, April 17, 2008

Roses are...

Orange? And brown and ivory and champagne?? They are if they are made of fabric! You may remember from previous posts, that I was contemplating the possibility of using fabric roses for my wedding bouquets. Then I finally decided to just go for it because I really liked the look and to hell with the idea that you MUST have flowers at a wedding. Well,Therussian, sent me a picture of some sample roses the other night to make sure I liked them before she proceeded to make a ton of them.

I was torn between having the finished edges or the raw edges showing and we decided to go with the raw edges. I think the silk one looks awesome (the one on top in the orange-ish red). There are also two other colors of silk but she hadn't made them up yet in case I decided to go with the finished edges instead.

The color in the photo is a little wonky, I assume because of the lighting when she took the picture, but she assured me that the colors look really good together. YAY! She thought she should be done and able to send them to me sometime in early May, so I am really excited to see how they all look.

In the end, it didn't really save me any money over going with real flowers. But I couldn't find any real flowers that I really liked and I'm not a flowery type gal anyway, so I am super happy that they worked out.


orcababy18 said...

i like the flowers. silk ones are always nice because you can keep them forever. in you know how much of my apartment is decorated with my wedding flowers? :)

Sam said...

Wow, these look amazing! That is such a great idea!