Sunday, April 27, 2008

All in the family

It has recently been brought to my attention that my mom actually reads my blog. Apparently my sister taught her about the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of my page, and she spent an afternoon catching up on previous posts. Its a good thing I haven't been writing in this blog for very long... She also said she's going to share it with one of my aunts. I know they are family but I'm flattered that they're interested in my ramblings nonetheless.

Not a lot to update on. Still chugging away on the current bridesmaid wrap. Its actually moving along more quickly than the last one, but its still rather monotonous work. I would say I'm probably about halfway done.

Pattern: Michaela (free pattern from
Yarn: Knitpicks Shadow in Campfire Heather

So far I am really happy with the pattern, and I can't wait to see how it looks when blocked. Its pretty easy, but since its a 16-row repeat, I still haven't got it memorized. However, there are something like 17 pattern repeats across, so I generally just have to look at the pattern once at the start of each row and I'm good for the rest of the way across.

I also have a new little friend. His name is Huey.

Huey has color calibrated my monitor and now he sits by my laptop and monitors the ambient lighting and apparently adjusts my monitor as needed. I got Huey because I would like to start making some prints from my photography again. And as I once learned back in the days when I was dating "he who must not be mentioned for fear of my head exploding" there is nothing so disappointing as sending what you think is a beautiful picture to the printer only to have something very different come back because what you see on your monitor is not actually what Photoshop thinks its showing you.

Huey was a surprisingly cheap option that got decent reviews. I think I may be a victim of the slight reddish cast people mentioned (i.e. my pictures still look slightly more red on my monitor than they do when they print out) but over all its pretty close. And I'm happy with it. Especially for the price.

One of the main reasons I wanted to make sure I could get reliable prints is because I have started an etsy shop. You can see it here. For those of you not familiar with etsy, its sort of a storefront for people who want to sell their crafts and artwork and whatnot. You can list an item for 20 cents and etsy only charges you a small percentage of what you sell each item for. So if you don't sell anything, you are only out the 20 cents.

I haven't sold anything yet, and I'm not holding out high hopes really... especially when you see all the gorgeous photography that others have done. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to post a few. The print company I just signed up with sent me my free test prints and they look pretty good. They also have an option to print blank greeting cards using whatever photos you want, so I was thinking those might have a better chance of selling. And even if they didn't, I could always use them myself. Worth thinking about.

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Devonshire said...

The bridesmaid shawl is looking lovely.