Thursday, May 1, 2008

This is why...

I am 27 years old and still want to grow up to be just like my big sister. She's freaking amazing! I don't know all of the details but there is some sort of fundraiser going on in Gallup where all sorts of artists, organizations, and regular folks decorated these birdhouses to auction off. I think the money that is raised is going towards cancer or something. Sister's house is by far the most awesome one in the gallery. You can see them all at

Isn't it awesome?? I know its a ton of pictures, but I had to share it from all angles.

And no, you're not crazy. There was a post here about photography. I pulled for a rather embarrassing reason that I'm not really ready to discuss. And the discovery of the error led me to go in search of the dvd with the original image only to find its MIA. So I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon tearing apart the office in search of the disc. No luck. I only have two of the three dvd's of images I took with me when I split back in the day. The missing one had all my still lifes, all the infrared, a bunch of landscapes... very depressing, just thinking about it. I'm really hoping its around somewhere in a case for something else.

However, regarding the post, thanks for the kind comments to those who left them :)


orcababy18 said...

girl, you 26 for a few more weeks! :)

Devonshire said...

That birdhouse looks awesome. I love the colors and all the detail!!