Friday, May 23, 2008

yarn cake

I don't really have anything exciting going on at the moment. The next wrap isn't even long enough to warrant taking a picture.

For a little knitting variety, to break up the wrap monotony, I have picked the pinwheel sweater up again. I blocked it to see how it looked and to get a feel for how much bigger I needed to make it. In doing so, I discovered a dropped stitch that had gone too far to be easily picked up. And since I was ripping, I figured I might as well make it worth it and ripped all the way back to lose the tiny green stripe that was in there as a result of my waiting too long to splice my yarn.

I would post a picture of it, but as Mr. Z points out, you can't really see the stripe in the photo. Actually, it was pretty subtle in the sweater itself too. But I knew it was there, and being slightly OCD, it bothered me. It means more knitting, but I feel better now that its gone.

The yarn is ArtYarn, in a colorway I no longer remember. I can't even tell you the composition of the yarn as the entire label is in some Scandinavian language [edit: the label is actually in Estonian... oops!]. It came from an online store in Norway, the only place I could find it after seeing Rippedoffknitter's version (thank god for the internet... and for Rippedoffknitter, who helped me find it) and deciding I had to have it. Its a bit scratchy to work with, but softened up a bit after blocking. I'm hoping it softens more with a few more washings.

The colors are gorgeous, and blend into each other beautifully. It sure makes a pretty yarn cake no? That's about half a skein. Each skein is so long the colors repeat twice. It took forever to wind and is the reason I convinced Mr. Z and my mum that I needed a swift and winder for Christmas.

I'm not using the green in there at all, just the orange, red, and dark gray-ish brown. There will likely be enough leftover for another project.

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Rippedoffknitter said...

Wow! Can't wait to see it finished! Mine has softened up nicely with wash and wear and it is so light and warm. The yarn is from Estonia so except from knowing that it is 100 % wool I can't help you interpret the labels, it is too different from the Scandinavinan languages, sorry.