Saturday, May 31, 2008


it was a pretty uneventful saturday here in my neck of the woods, aside from a marathon apartment cleaning session this morning. it's finals time so i've been *trying* to study. luckily my tests aren't until tuesday and wednesday, so i'm actually more ahead of the game than i have been in previous quarters. the bad thing is that my therapeutics final is about cancer... all kinds of cancer. which means, of course, that i think i probably have cancer.

headache.... check
fatigue... check
unexplained weight loss.... damn, i wish. not worth having cancer for though, i suppose.

the nice thing is that since my lectures are recorded, i can knit while i listen. the pinwheel sweater with its long stretch of garter stitch is perfectly suited for this, so long as i don't forget the increases every few rows. but, in spite of having both that and the wrap (and a few other hibernating beasties i don't want to talk about) on the needles, i'm already shopping around for my next project.

i want to knit Iceland from Rowan. its a very unique shape, sort of reminiscent of a kimono. Not for everyone, i'm sure, but i dig it. I have a bagful of bulky yarn from knitpicks in my stash that was purchased for another sweater i have since fallen out of love with. its the right weight, but i'm not sure about the color. its sort of plain, and i think the pattern is better suited to a heather-y or tweedy type yarn. perhaps i could over dye it or something later...

the pattern calls for Rowan Cocoon, which while lovely is also $15/skein. a medium Iceland would require 10 skeins. ouch. not going to happen.

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anymommy said...

I love that sweater! I also wish that I was so pretty that I still looked pretty, even with my hair in weird braids on the top of my head.