Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jewelery class #2

Today was the second week of jewelry class. Our actual instructor was not there, so one of the other teachers covered for her. I actually preferred this instructor to ours, as she seemed less distracted and it was easier to get an answer to any questions we might have. We did sit around a lot and wait while she was helping another student work on something else, so that was a bit of wasted time. But overall, it was a lot more interesting than last week. And one of the gals that I got on well with last week in the Tuesday class came to our Wednesday class this week because she couldn't make it to her session. Hopefully she'll continue to come to the Wednesday session because Jenny will be gone for a few weeks and that will leave me as the only beginner for those classes.

This is my piece of Nu Gold after being textured. I love it!
Its actually more gold than it looks but it picked up some pinkish stuff
from being in the pickling acid with the copper.

After a demonstration on how to use the jeweler's saw, we were turned loose on our metal samples. The metal seems thin, but its surprisingly difficult to saw. At least I don't have to fear taking off a hand, unlike my previous metal working days at ye old Worthington Industries. But, before we were ready to cut out our actual bracelet pieces we had some other steps to do. In order to make it workable, it had to be annealed.

That's right, they let us handle a gas blowtorch thingie (very technical term there) to heat the metal until it was red hot, then drop it in a crock pot of acid. Very exciting. After that, Jenny and I took steel texturing hammers to our pieces. She was working with copper, I had Nu Gold. (An brass alloy of copper and zinc I believe) I am quite pleased with how the texture turned out, though it was a long and rather noisy process to get there.

Jenny hammers her copper to give it some sweet texture

Next week we will glue our templates to the metal and cut out the links. And you can disregard the jewelry homework in the last post. My indecisiveness led to a last minute change of plans, so my links will now be tall rectangles of alternating copper and Nu Gold. Hopefully it doesn't look like poo when its all said and done.


Jenny said...

wow, you could mistake me for a pro!

Anonymous said...

the mental image of you with a blow torch and a crock pot of acid will remain with me forever...

Devonshire said...

Best of luck with the sawing. It looks like you guys are having fun. Hope the piece turns out as you envisioned.

anymommy said...

Very cool, and way more fun than running. I lived in Columbus for five years - and yes, it did take me that long to graduate.