Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Much to celebrate today! And by celebrate, I mean spending the day at work and the evening camped out in front of the TV.

In addition to Cinco de Mayo, I am also celebrating my first etsy sale!! That's right, someone bought a copy of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse print.

I assume it is for a Mother's Day gift as the buyer asked if it could be delivered in time for this weekend. I have to pick it up from the printer tomorrow and drop it in the mail. Ken has said this officially makes me a photographer, but I am continually humbled by the work I see from others (most recently the shots seen on the Pioneer Woman's website have made me feel woefully inadequate) and don't really feel the term applies. But for today, I shall agree

We are also celebrating the inaugural post on Ken Cooks. That's right, Mr. Z has officially caved and begun blogging his own experiences in cooking. In addition to our edibles, will allow him to blog the wines we drink from here on out as well, as he is far more knowledgeable in the wine realm than I am. Unless you want to hear critiques like "tastes like old shoes" or "goes down like water," in which case I would be happy to do the occasional guest post. As it is, I will (most likely) be doing the food photography for Ken Cooks. His food is quite delicious, but his camera skills are somewhat lacking.

Lastly, I will share my homework for this week's jewelry class. Our first project is a tab and slot bracelet (or necklace, or belt, or whatever...). Its made of multiple pieces, each with a tab and a slot (hence the name) where the tab of one piece hooks into the slot of the next, making a sort of chain. Our homework was to sketch out the shape we want to use for our piece.

I decided to make a bracelet of overlapping oval-ish shapes, and I'm guessing it will take about six pieces to go around my skeleton wrists. Still haven't decided on the metal, though I'm currently waffling back and forth between NuGold and Copper. I think I'll do a hammered texture, maybe with a patina for an aged look. It looks pretty sweet in my head, we'll see how it works. I'll try to document the process from sketch to finished item, so you can see how it actually turns out.


orcababy18 said... that plate in mr. z's blog the one i think it is? :)

Jenny said...

i guess there aren't that many shapes for making our links, but you're gonna laugh when you see mine... :)