Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things I love...

...made by other people.

1. LaurenAlane's birds, especially the cake toppers. You can check her out at

photo from

2. Origami bouquets. I still love my flowers but these are a close second. She has some tea stained ones that are pretty awesome too. Its probably good I didn't find these until it was too late to change my mind or I'd still be waffling back and forth. you can see more of her flowers at

Another gorgeous origami bouquet, this one was made by a fellow craftster for her own wedding.


3. Anything made by Howlindoggie of etsy, especially this necklace. It was hard to pick just one of her pieces to share. I don't think I'll manage anything like this at our jewelry class...


More of her designs can be seen at

I've been cruising etsy for inspiration for our jewelry class but its kind of hard to know what to look for since I'm not sure exactly what we will be doing. I do have a few ideas, but seeing what some people can make is intimidating!

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Ken said...

I don't suppose this is a clever way to express birthday present ideas...