Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking hot...

... quite literally. I must generate massive amounts of heat when I run. There were people who ran the whole race all bundled up in running jackets, or with hats and gloves. S and I only made it three or four miles before we started looking for the guys so we could hand off our long sleeve shirts. There was a point where I thought I would be willing to run naked I was so warm. Of course then the race was over and we about froze our asses off on the walk back home.

I also apparently look like I'm going to die, regardless of where I am on the race course. There are some pictures of us in the campus area(roughly mile four or five), when I still felt really good but I look like hell. S on the other hand is smiling directly into the camera, looking all cute and peppy. No big deal.

BUT then you have the following picture, which I'm pretty sure is coming down the homestretch when I wanted nothing more than to have my legs amputated so I would never be tricked into running 13 miles again. And again, S is smiling at the camera, looking just as happy to be there as she did at mile three. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN???

But I will share the photo anyway, because I think we rock for getting out there and finishing. And keeping our miles under 10 minutes the whole way.

Ken likes to point out how tall I look in this picture.
At least I have that going for me.

The picture quality is less than spectacular, which I guess is to be expected when you pirate a low res file from the official race photographer's website.

Clearly I've recovered, because I'm already looking for another one to sign up for. And maybe this time I will take my training a little more seriously. I'd reallllllllly like to get one in under two hours.

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Devonshire said...

Congrats on your run.