Thursday, April 3, 2008

something blue... among other things

I already posted my something old and my something new, and the something borrowed is a bit up in the air at the moment. I haven't really nailed down anything specific, though I may be borrowing something from one mrs. lahman (whose name still just doesn't sound right to me, even after all this time). But I do have my something blue...

Mr. Z went and picked up our rings on Tuesday. I wish I had a better picture but my lowly 50mm lens will only focus so close, which is further proof that I really do need a macro lens (but that's a post for another day). The dark stones are actually bright blue sapphires, though they don't look like much of any color at all in the picture.

I did try taking some pictures of both our rings together with my smaller camera but of course its batteries died immediately following the picture taking. And do you think there is another pair of AA batteries in this apartment?? Of course not.

There has been a fair amount of paper crafting (if you will) being done around here as well in the last few days. I have all the components of the program slides cut out and ready to go. The assembly will wait until we've actually printed the programs, but for now its nice to know that I've done as much as I can. Here is a sample, its the only one the I actually glued together entirely, and its being modeled by an unprinted program that was sacrificed for the sake of design.

The brown band is some scrapbooking paper I found at Michael's and cut into strips. Its sort of handmade looking, with lighter fibers running through it. The square and leaf are cut out of paper scraps leftover from invitation assembly.

And lastly, I've made about 80 favor tags. Why 80? Because that was all the cream colored tags that Michael's had so now I've got to go scouting around other Michael's to see if any one else has them. The original favor plan was just to tie some ribbon and the tag around some sparklers for the guests to light once it got dark. But the tags are giant compared to the sparklers so we (by which I mean I) decided that maybe we should put an apple with a tag at each place setting, along with the beribboned sparklers. Since we're getting married in an orchard (albeit a cherry orchard, but you make do with what you have) and we'll be using apples for the centerpieces, it seemed appropriate. Provided I can talk Mr. Z's brother into sparing a bit of his apple harvest for the occasion.

This was a test run on an apple that was lying around, conveniently enough. It took me days to perfect the calligraphy, and even longer to write it on 80 tags. Or maybe I just used a stamp and a brown ink pad that allowed me to make 80 tags in a couple of hours, all with perfect calligraphic script. Again, the leaf is punched out of the leftover copper invitation paper.

Not that any of you care, but this picture provides me with further proof that I need a different, better focusing lens because the plane of focus is off. That probably actually has more to do with the user error than the lens in this case, but still...


Devonshire said...

I really love the apple favor. What a beautiful place to get married...I do hope the blossoms will be open for you. Found you by way of Everything Knittycrafy.

orcababy18 said...

ok, ok...i get the hint and will send it to you soon. :) you know, that is really gonna cut into my laying around time!

i like the programs. :) and i love the bling!

when can i come visit?! :)