Tuesday, June 10, 2008

goodbye philodendron,

its been fun.

i don't have a green thumb, in fact i typically kill most plants immediately upon taking them out of the greenhouse from which i purchased them. having mr. z around (actually i guess that's dr. Z now since he graduated this weekend, but that's another post) seems to help though, mainly because he actually remembers to water them.

however, when my parents packed up everything in my childhood home and moved across the country last november, my mom gave me all her plants. my mom does have a green thumb, very green. i swear the woman can grow anything. but that's not the point. the point is, she gave me several large, luscious, beautiful plants of various types. one of which we think was a philodendron of some sort. surprisingly, all of these inherited plants have fared very well. they were big, and green, and they made my apartment look nicer. notice the past tense...

but before we get to the tragic fate of the philodendron, let me introduce you to kodiak. kodiak is an integral player in the story of the philodendron (i just like that word. it sounds smart).

this is one of my adorably infuriating fur-kids. i have to admit, he is my favorite. not that i don't love nizhoni to pieces, but kodi is a mama's boy. i wonder sometimes if its like that when you have real, human children. sure you tell them you love them all the same, but do you really have one you like a little bit more than the rest? i like to think this is true because it allows me to believe that i'm the favorite in my family. (just kidding, mom)

anyway, that's kodiak. handsome, isn't he? last weekend kodiak had an upset tummy. at roughly 3:30am on saturday. i woke up to find him hacking and heaving, as though he were preparing to throw up all over my bedroom floor. being the concerned dog-parent that i am, i opened up the bedroom door, figuring at least if he yacked, he should do it downstairs on the wood floor where it would be easier to clean up than it would be on the carpet. then i went back to sleep.

you know how they say dogs eat grass to calm their stomachs? apparently in a pinch, they'll eat whatever green thing they can find. including every single leaf off a rather large, prolific philodendron.

prior to this weekend, this plant was so lush, you couldn't even see that board that held it up. and notice the long bare tendril in the front here, where every last leaf is gone. *sigh*

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Jenny said...

you have been quite the prolific blogger this month...i can't keep up with all the posts!!

gatsby just likes to eat so fast it makes him sick, and then he vomits it up in my crafting area, right on the rug...i think he does it on purpose.