Tuesday, June 3, 2008

some housekeeping notes:

  • a note on my work rant from the other day... i did not mean to traumatize anyone into avoiding their local pharmacy. we're actually pretty nice people behind the counter, honest. but some days people just push the right buttons, ya know?
  • if you have happened over here from allmediocre.com thanks for visiting. if you have a moment, i'm going to shamelessly plug Mr. Z's blog as well. its about all the tasty food he makes for me. you can find it here --> Ken Cooks
  • i've also started using this blog, in addition to the knitting and wedding rambling, to force myself to start taking pictures again. my OCD is actually quite bothered by the lack of photo in the pharmacy rant. if i had a decent macro lens, there'd probably be a picture of some pills or something. maybe i should have posted a picture of all my textbooks, then maybe i would feel like i at least got some use out of them.
  • therefore, in the interest of my sanity, i shall leave you with this parting shot

because a) i think the lighting turned out kinda cool, and b) i can use it to further plug Mr. Z's blog where you can read about my new most favorite beverage staring Guinness and Framboise (mmm... must. go. make. drink.)


Anonymous said...

shouldn't you be studying???

anymommy said...

Welcome to allmediocre. Fun! I like the new header. Yeah and I have a fancy camera and your photos are WAY better than mine. I've always been terrible with light.

Oh and check out the tree in my comments. Took me days to figure that puppy out!