Thursday, June 5, 2008

what wedding?

see the new title box up there? (its pretty, no?) it says that this blog is about knitting AND wedding planning. but i haven't blogged about the wedding stuff in quite some time, aside from the wraps which are more knitting than wedding really.

there was lots of wedding blogging over christmas break, when i had the luxury of spare time. but then school started up again and i kissed all my spare time goodbye. but never again!! yesterday i took my last college final EVER. nine years after graduating from high school, i finished up my last quarter of classes. i don't actually graduate until next spring, because our program consists a final year of full time internships for our last year. but no more classes! w00t!!

i've already gotten back to working on wedding goodies. Today i numbered all the RSVP cards and put stamps on them, then put together all the envelopes. we're still in the process of collecting all the addresses, and the invites aren't actually going out til mid-julyish but i'm neurotic so i couldn't stop myself.

must say, they are a bit bigger than expected.
its a good thing we went with the smallest size stamp!

we ordered the stamps from there's a bit of a markup from just getting stamps at the post office, but there are no good $0.27 stamps. and i refuse to put a panther on my wedding rsvps. call me a bride-zilla if you must, its just not happening. so we got both stamps for the rsvp's and for the envelopes. the photo on the stamps is one of mine from highbanks park in the fall a few years ago.

this is a shot of everything getting ready to be stuffed in the envelopes. i love my invitations. i think i said this when i posted them before, but they ran us about a total of $250 for 110 invites (not counting the postage). we designed them and put them all together ourselves. they make me happy :)

other things on the agenda for my new school-free life...
1. paying it forward projects
2. sewing projects and mending that's piling up in the basement
3. knitting, knitting, and more knitting.

Also, i think i will work on writing up the photography bit. i'm not sure when it will be posted, but i will probably break it up into a series of posts to make it a little more manageable. so stay tuned.


MomMega said...

Just popped over from AllMediocre...

My husband and I ordered stamps from Zazzle for our wedding invitations (a picture of our dog) and they came out HUGE!! We loved them and they were way better than any stamps from the post office, but we were very mislead on size (or just didn't pay attention).

I love your invitations, very nice!

Anonymous said...

yay! wedding stuff! :)

congrats on the school thing! :)

anymommy said...

Congratulations, almost pharmacist! I love your invitations. You have an excellent eye. Must be why those pictures are all so stunning.

Oh and I've been meaning to tell you - I'm not kidding about having no idea how to use the D50. It's always on automatic setting and occassionally it gets a bee in its butt and won't self-focus. I go insane with rage. In fact, I have a huge lens that I basically never use because it is too large for the autofocus and I am too intimidated to figure out what aperture and focal length mean!

Julie said...

Whew, from the title, I thought maybe the wedding was off. Everything looks lovely, way beyond what I've seen from most professional services. Congrats on being done with classes!