Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my hero, therussian

my flowers came today. yippee!! i could talk about them, but lets just look at pretty pictures.

bridesmaid bouquet as delivered

curli-cue stick thingies added and stems tied with brown ribbon
they are currently in mason jars to keep them upright so they don't get smashed.
they will be displayed in a similar fashion at the reception

my bouquet, champagne and ivory

back of stems

front of stems, with grandma's cameo. ribbon tails are about 12in.

there are two corsages, one ivory and one champagne for the moms
the champagne one is almost identical. a bit large but very pretty.
they are tied on with wide chocolate-y brown ribbon
(don't mind mr. z's man hands doing the modeling)

the roses are the handiwork of therussian, on etsy. she was a delight to work with, super helpful and almost as excited about my flowers as i was. if anyone wanders here in the search for alternative bouquets, i would definitely recommend her.

there's another photography post in the works with even more confusing aperture stuff. i know it seems complex but i promise, once we get through it all and you see how it all comes together, its totally worth the confusion. hopefully i get that up in the next day or two.


Z said...

so pretty!!!

what are those flowers made of? (They look like silk?) Love your bouquet, the colors are just beautiful!

Jenny said...

they look fantastic! i think ken should opt for the wrist corsage instead. :)

lunch+craftshopping sounds fun - what time?

maylily18 said...

yes m'am. how do i put up the pictures of the cutie booties? :) they aren't really booties, but socks doesn't rhyme with cutie....

like the flowers! :)

anymommy said...

Gorgeous! Wow. So simple and unique.