Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding things

The wedding plans continue to come together nicely, with only two bridezilla moments thus far (one i think was justified, the other probably less so). We've booked a room at the Carriage House Inn B&B for us to stay in and for the bridal party to get ready in. The original plan had been to stay at mr. z's parents and get ready there, then stay at the hotel with everyone else the night of... until we realized just how many people were already going to be at his parents' house. we decided that it was probably unreasonable to expect that many people in one house without some sort of disaster, so the B&B it was. i think it's a good move, as the inn is very pretty and still quite close to the ceremony location.

We also ordered some matchbooks to go with the sparklers. if you are looking for cheap favors, i'm telling you... $28 for 100. i love cheap shit. and even more importantly, the flower gal shipped my bouquets on friday. huzzah!! she sounds almost as excited about them as me, which is promising. i did just realize that we probably need bouts for the dads, but i think i may put something together sans flowers. will have to trek to JoAnn's (oh darn) to see what they have.

but more importantly, thing 1 and thing 2 are my flower girls. and let me just say, they are the cutest flower girls ever. sister-in-law, who is a most excellent shopper, found the perfect dresses. and the girls were quite happy to model them for us while we were visiting.

the front

the back


who doesn't love a flower girl giving the finger guns??

coloring is a bit wonky as it was inside in the evening so there was no natural light to be had. they are a really pretty ivory fabric with pearly type beads scattered around it. super cute.


Jenny said...

we missed you yesterday! heard you had a fun trip. flower girls look cute indeed. if you want some company to joann's, can i tag along? i'm looking for quilting fabric to make a play quilt.

anymommy said...

Adorable! They are gorgeous. And, I am going to play with my camera this afternoon.