Wednesday, January 30, 2008

at last

the booties are done. knitted, seamed, and buttons on. Pretty cute hey?

Someone from the knitting nature knit-along sent me a message today asking about my cropped cardigan. So I went back to look through the knit-along to find my post and man... there are some beautiful FO's on there. I forgot how much I wanted to knit some of the patterns in that book. I did knit the droplet hat, and there are a few hexagons worth of turtle skirt floating around somewhere. I think I'm re-adding the bubble sweater to my "to-knit" list though. As though my to-knit list weren't long enough already. Someday I'll be done with the wedding wraps and will be able to knit freely again...

i did convo the flower maker on etsy, because i saw in her profile that she does large orders for weddings at a discount. still probably going to end up going with the silk flowers, but i thought i may as well find out how much it would be. i'll just file it away in my mental "ideas folder"

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