Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clumsy me

Some things never change. If you happened to be sitting next to my sister (I know what you are thinking sister) this would be the point where she would turn to tell you how I used to fall up the stairs and into our kitchen trash can. IF she hasn't already told you that story, which if you've ever met her, she probably has. But I digress. Twenty odd years later, and I am still as clumsy as ever and the other day at Apropos, I knocked over my water bottle and spilled water all over my keyboard which promptly went on the fritz and refused to type normally after that. At least it wasn't my coffee I guess. I feel like that would have been worse somehow. But either way, my 'puter is now spending the week at the laptop guy in the hopes that they can replace the keyboard.

In the meantime, all my knitting pictures are in RAW format on my camera. And Mr. Z's computer doesn't have any sort of program that can process RAW files. So either I have to track one down, or switch my camera settings and retake everything. In the midst of midterms, I figured the best course of action was ignoring it all and hoping for the best with the keyboard replacement.

so today's pictures will again be wedding related and not taken by me. as previously stated, I hadn't expected to have a cake topper but developed an infatuation with the idea of birds. And obviously Ann Wood is waaaay out of my budget (if you didn't follow that link, that pair is like $240 or $270). i happened to be putzing around on etsy, refusing to do any studying and found these. The work of etsy seller cornflakegirl.

They are certainly no Ann Woods, but I still think they are really cute. And sort of goofy, which, when you really think about it, is WAY more us than shabby elegance. And, these were far more reasonably priced than anything else I've found. And the designer/seller is a really nice woman from upstate NY and she agreed to make one in colors that would be better fitting for our wedding... and she had them done like two days later.

I do think part of the wacky appeal of the first pair is the bright colors, but I think ours turned out pretty darn cute. Mr. Z actually said he thinks they are kind of cute too, which was a surprise. I really expected him to find them heinous. He did say, however, that a cake topper is not worth $55 (good thing i didn't get the AW's. he'd have shat himself). So I've had to find a way around this. Luckily for me, I have a co-conspirator who is basically always on my side. She had recently asked me to do some knitted gifts for a friend of hers and said she would compensate me appropriately. Turns out the cost of said knitted items is exactly one pair of wacky birds. Convenient, no? Love her. :)

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