Friday, January 4, 2008

change of plans

went shopping for bridesmaid dresses with ashley today. the separates at david's did not look as good as i remembered, or at least was not as flattering on ashley. and there was really nothing at david's that was appealing. so we moved on to alan ray where we found "the dress."

oh yeah. lime green with purple accents. (this picture just doesn't do justice to the brightness of the green) the hilarious thing is, ashley totally rocked the dress. at least she did from the waist down. the bust was way huge but the rest looked really cute. so lime green and purple it is.

which i guess would make these candles we did for the centerpieces very much the wrong color.

ok, now that these are dried and the glue is finally off my fingers, i think they look really awesome. this is the shortest of the three candle sizes. i finished 8 of the 12 middle sized candles this afternoon before my fingers were too stuck together to continue. the leaves are from multiple sources. We preserved a whole bunch of really pretty ones this fall by either drying and pressing them (those HUGE pharmacy books are finally proving useful) or soaking them in glycerin. if anyone is interested, the pressing maintains the colors far better, but the glycerin preserved ones are more flexible. they both seem to work fairly well on the candles. in case we did not preserve enough, we also got two variety packs from Nature's Pressed

i got the giant pack of 48 candles (12 in 4 different sizes) from candles4less and they are decent. there are a few that have dings or slightly smashed spots along the bottom edges, but they are hardly noticeable or can be hidden by a strategically placed leaf. the leaves are put on using spray adhesive, and there is probably a better way that wouldn't result in everything sticking together, but the spray works well enough.


orcababy18 said...

my dream dress realized.... :) seriously, who the hell would buy that? hmmm, but maybe we should try to score an invite to that dr. suess on acid themed wedding, as they will most likely have some bomb-ass chronic to serve. ya think?

Anonymous said...

hottest dress EVER