Tuesday, January 29, 2008

something to ponder

i had planned to go with silk flowers for the wedding, mostly to avoid having to hassle with flowers on the days of. the floral woman at michael's said she could do them in july and then i wouldn't have to worry about them once the time got closer. that's still plan a but i found these on etsy last night and i'm intrigued. they are made by therussian

its probably something i could even do, i mean they just look like she rolled them up. or if not i could probably at least get her to make me a big bundle for fairly cheap (i have no idea how much to expect michael's to cost but i'm sure it will still be a chunk-o-change). i think the bunch of six was 25$ so i could do 6 for me and 3 for the girls. then just one of her buds for mr. z and be done with it. its definitely a cute idea. maybe i'll mess around with some fabric scraps once my tests are over.


orcababy18 said...

what color would the flowers be?

Jenny said...

hmm...what kind of fabric is it made of? I made fabric roses for a dress once and it took more practice than I thought, but definately something you could play with. Looks chic.